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Bringing the luxury of Invisible Bead Extensions® to Buffalo, NY! IBE® is the #1 most requested hand-tied extension method that is known for the original flip up!



Have you ever wanted a little more volume? Are you struggling to reach that perfect length you've always dreamed of? Maybe you love the confidence that comes from having added length and volume?! You can even add a pop of color to your hair without even having to color your hair! 

Invisible Bead Extensions® are a luxury, fully customizable service! They are a beautiful addition in many women's lifestyle that can give you that extra empowerment and confidence you've always dreamed of!

IBE® is installed by putting a beaded row in the hair where the extensions are then sewn on to it. Doing them this way creates the least point of contacts on the hair meaning less stress than other methods and more seamless results. You can wear your hair up, blow dry, curl, and style them as you would your natural hair!


IBE® is known worldwide for the flip up you see right here! This photo was taken right after installing! The beauty of this method: No exposed beads, less tension (so you can pull your hair hair up in a ponytail that day!), and completely seamless, undetectable extensions! 

These are some of the main goals with extension work! For us women our hair is our security blanket! It can make us feel strong, confident, empowered and beautiful! The last thing you or I want is for it to look like you have extensions in!



Below is a general pricing guide, an in person consultation is required for an exact pricing quote. We charge for the amount of hair used and for the installation. Pricing includes hair purchase, installation, cut to blend, style and home care trial kit. Pricing is dependent on length of desired hair and amount of wefts used in installation.

Single Row Installation (Volume 3-4 wefts) $800 - $1300

Double Row Installation (Volume + Length 6-9 wefts) $1700 - $2900

Triple Row Installation (Maximum Volume + Length 10-12 wefts) $2700 - $4000

Pricing is based off of length of the weft used. We will determine what is best to reach your goal, color match to your current color, determine if additional color serves are needed, and go over expected maintenance all during your initial consult. There is a $50 consultation fee for all new extension guests, if you book your installation date with a retainer that fee is waived.  

The initial install is the most expensive because you’re purchasing the hair as well as the install. With proper care the hair will last 8-12 months and you will only need removal + reinstall appointments for maintenance. 


Once you've made the investment into your new hair you will only need to maintain it with a removal + reinstall! For all new guests your first removal + reinstall will be 7 weeks from your installation date. This is to check how your grow out has been, make sure your scalp is healthy, and check how your home care routine was.

Once we see how you have felt with your grow out, we can then plan for the future and either keep your removal + reinstall at 7 weeks or push out 2-3 more weeks. Removal + reinstall appointments typically will be every 7-10 weeks dependent on you and your hairs need! 

Removal + reinstall pricing is based on how many rows you have. You'll come in, we'll remove the old stitch work, remove the beads and reinstall. It does not include a wash and dry but if you'd like a wash and blow-dry we can add that on to your service for an additional fee.

Removal + Reinstall Pricing:

 $200 Per Row



Complete our consultation form to request an appointment

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